What are the Group’s Characteristics?


Who We Are

The ERM family is made up of decision makers and influencers of small and medium size businesses.

Most of our members are entrepreneurs who are looking to support and collaborate with other like-minded business professionals.

These businesses represent products and services covering a broad scope of classifications. Our members are trained to grow their businesses by creating relationships on a foundation of a giving culture.

Your Target Market

If you are looking for a group of people that represents your target market, then please consider this advice: You never know who someone knows until you develop a relationship with them. That one person may not fit your customer profile, but the 250 people they know may include your ideal customer.

Connection & Reach

Since our membership already represents tens of thousands of possible connections, and since our reach is far greater, your goldmine could be waiting for you right here. How do you find that gold? Attend our workshops and we’ll show you!